The Role of Women in the Church Committee that met September 16-20, 1973, at Camp Mohaven in Danville, Ohio, raised further questions and considerations concerning the role of women.  For the next three years General Conference Committees grappled with the subject.  The papers below were commissioned by the General Conference via the Biblical Research Institute (BRI) and were presented to the BRI Committee on November 2-3 and December 29-30, 1975; and January 23-25; April 1-3, 5; and November 1-3, 1976.

A Theology of Ordination

Raoul DederenPDF (0.2MB)


Jesus and Women

Walter F. SpechtPDF (0.3MB)


Man and Woman in Genesis 1-3

Gerhard F. HaselPDF (0.3MB)


Society, Women, and the Church

Betty StirlingPDF (0.1MB)


The Legal and Social Status of Women in the Pentateuch

Kenneth L. VinePDF (0.2MB)


The Role of Women in American Protestantism, 1975

LaVone NeffPDF (0.1MB)


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