Specifications for Accreditations

The documents used in the accreditation process are available here.

The Office of Archives, Statistics and Research (ASTR) holds to the principle that denominational accreditation is not dependent upon regional, state, or national requirements. Nevertheless, many of the criteria established by ASTR coincide with international archives and records management standards.

The accrediting standards used by the Office of Archives, Statistics and Research comprise the criteria for accreditation. These criteria are subject to periodic evaluation and provide consistent guidelines for the evaluation of archives and records centers.

General Accreditation Documents

Here is the latest edition of the Accreditation Manual 2024, which contains the following material:

Introduction of accreditation program

Eligibility, Application, and Survey Processes

Levels of Accreditation

Collections Worksheet

Worksheet for Evaluators

Accreditation Specifications and Score Sheets

Archives - Emerging

Archives - Recognized

Archives - Approved

Records Center - Emerging

Records Center - Recognized

Records Center - Approved

Records Center and Archives - Excellence