"The story of the church paper...is the story of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. That 'little paper' was our first enterprise as a people, even though our name came only eleven years later, in 1860," wrote William G. Johnsson, former editor of the Adventist Review. The GC Archives has historical copies of the Review (as it's been commonly referred to since it began) digitized and free for viewing. The magazine's main website can be found here.

Editors, 1849- 



James White  1849-1855 
Uriah Smith  1855-1861 
James White  1861-1864 
Uriah Smith  1864-1869 
John Nevins Andrews                    1869-1870 
Uriah Smith  1870-1871 
James White  1871-1872 
Uriah Smith  1872-1873 
James White  1873-1877 
Uriah Smith  1877-1880 
James White  1880-1881 
Uriah Smith  1881-1897 
Alonzo T. Jones  1897-1901 
Uriah Smith  1901-1903 
W. W. Prescott  1903-1909 
W. A. Spicer  1909-1911 
F. M. Wilcox  1911-1944 
W. A. Spicer 1945
F. D. Nichol  1945-1966 
Kenneth Wood  1966-1982 
William G. Johnsson                                      1982-2006 
Bill Knott  2007-  

Name Changes



The Present Truth  1849-1850 
The Advent Review  1850 
Second Advent Review and Sabbath Herald  1850-1851 
The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald  1851-1961 
Review and Herald 1961-1971
The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald 1971-1978
Adventist Review  1978-