AHSRA Conference - Call for Presentations and Pre-conference Seminar Information


We invite you to submit a proposal for a presentation at the Adventist Human-Subjects Research Association (AHSRA) Conference at Oakwood University in Huntsville, AL from May 9 – 11, 2016. 

AHSRA’s 2016 conference solicits presentations that investigate the internalization of faith.
The conference will explore:
• Factors that facilitate faith internalization from programs to relationships
• Obstacles and barriers to faith internalization
• The impact of faith internalization on mental health, physical health, risk-behaviors, and decision making
Presentations will be approximately 30 minutes each including 10 minutes for discussion.

Criteria for Workshop Selections:
A peer review process focusing on the following criterion will guide in the selection of proposals:
- The presentation will add to the body of knowledge currently available on the topic addressed.
- The presentation includes a practical component that participants can readily apply in practice/ministry/service.
- The proposal is clearly informed by the current literature.
- The concepts in the proposal are clear and the proposal is understandable and well organized.
Procedure for Presentation Submissions:
Please submit your presentation proposal directly to Sarah Burton sgane@andrews.edu no later than March 30, 2016 (this is a firm deadline). All proposals most be submitted electronically.

Your proposal must include the following information:
- Name and contact information for the person(s) making this submission
- A title and one page (250-500 words) summary of the presentation
- A 50-word abstract suitable for printing in the final program
- A list of references/bibliography which includes some sources published within the past 5 years

Download the CFP document for more information

Visit ahsra2016.eventbrite.com to register for the conference.



This year, AHSRA is pleased to offer an afternoon half-day pre-conference session on developing qualitative research skills.

Preregistration: Preregistration is required by April 30.
Cost: $60 includes seminar materials and handouts

Building Qualitative Research Analysis Skills
The seminar will cover the following topics:

The nature of qualitative inquiry
Why and when to work with qualitative data
Data collection – steps and common pitfalls
            Types of qualitative data
Qualitative data gathering approaches
Basics in qualitative data analysis
            Preparing the data
            Beginning analysis - preliminary steps
            Coding the data - identifying categories
            Working with data - looking for themes and processes
            Using a framework for analysis – examining theory
Answering your research questions
Refining and reporting analysis – writing up your findings

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