AHSRA Conference 2017 - Call for Presentations

Call for Presentations
Adventist Human Subjects Researchers Association Annual Meeting
May 17-19, 2017

We invite you to submit a proposal for a presentation at the Adventist Human-Subjects Research Association (AHSRA) Conference at Loma Linda University May 17-19, 2017

The Theme of AHSRA’s 2017 is -- Whole Person and Community Health and Wellness

The conference solicits presentations that examines factors that facilitate mental, spiritual and physical health of those visible in the public square to those in the shadows.

The conference will explore such issues as:

  • The role that spirituality plays in health
  • How physical health impacts spirituality
  • The relationship between mental health, physical health and spiritual well-being
  • How to impact the health of vulnerable populations
  • How to impact the health of communities
  • Other topics will also be considered.

Presentations will be approximately 20 minutes each including 5 minutes for discussion. This may vary a bit depending on the number of submissions and sessions.

Clarification on the topics for presentation

As the call for presentations noted, the general theme for our 2017 conference at Loma Linda University focuses on healthy persons and communities. The key note and plenary presentations and many other presentations will be in the areas noted in the call for presentations.

It is also important to note that presentations focusing on additional topic areas are welcome.

We have included that under the “other” category, but just saying other is not enough.

We strongly encourage Adventist scholars conducting human-subjects research in all areas to submit presentations. We will be pleased to accommodate the range of interests from our colleagues studying a variety of human subject issues. The key thing the reviewers will be looking for is a high standard of quality research.

Criteria for Workshop Selections:

A peer review process focusing on the following criterion will guide in the selection of proposals:

  • The data presentation will add to the body of knowledge currently available on the topic addressed.
  • The presentation includes a practical component that participants can readily apply in practice/ministry/service.
  • The proposal is clearly informed by the current literature.
  • The concepts, data, and conclusions in the proposal are clear, understandable and well organized.

Procedure for Presentation Submissions:

Please submit your presentation proposal directly to the AHSRA Secretary Mordekai Ongo at <ongo@andrews.edu> no later than Friday, February 3 (this is a firm deadline). All proposals must be submitted electronically.

Your proposal must include the following information:

  • Name and contact information for the person(s) making this submission
  • A title and one page (250-500 words) summary of the presentation
  • A 50-word abstract suitable for printing in the final program
  • A list of references/bibliography which includes some sources published within the past 5 years.

Proposal Selection

Proposals are blind peer reviewed (that is, the reviewers will not know the names of the person(s) submitting proposals).  By February 21, presenters will be notified about the acceptance of their proposals. We will do rolling reviews and send acceptance notices out as we receive and review proposals.

Presenter Registration

Persons who submit proposals for the AHSRA Conference 2017 are expected to agree to the following terms:

If my presentation proposal is accepted, I agree to the following requirements:

  • To attend the AHSRA Conference 2017 at Loma Linda University and present my presentation unless a bona fide emergency occurs
  • To register (at my/our own expense) no later than Friday, April 14, 2017
  • I understand that if I do not register for the convention by April 14, 2017, my presentation may have to be removed from the conference program
  • I understand that no honorarium will be paid to me for my presentation
  • To make my presentation at the time selected by the AHSRA 2017 planning committee
  • To provide at least 25 copies of my/our handouts at no expense to workshop participants

Because classes are still being held at Loma Linda University at the time of the conference, attendees will be staying at nearby hotels. Loma Linda University is negotiating rates with them. We expect to be able to set costs for registration, food, and lodging within two weeks.

Late Breaking – We recognize that research is a very dynamic process and researchers may make relevant discoveries past our deadlines. We will allow for late breaking abstracts until April 15

We had a great conference at Oakwood University in 2016 and we hope you can join us for our conference at Loma Linda University May 17-19, 2017 at Loma Linda University!

Thank you for considering presenting at the 2017 Adventist Human-Subjects Researchers Association!

Duane C. McBride PhD

Adventist Human-Subject Researchers Association

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