Assistant Editors

There are two types of assistant editors: regional and thematic. Regional editors are experts on Adventism in a certain area of the world, and are managing a suite of articles that covers a territory of the world church, most often a division. Within this block are articles on people, countries, church administrative units, schools, hospitals, and more. In collaboration with the ESDA main office and the division consultant editors, the regional editors generate a comprehensive list of articles on subjects with their region; then identify the best people to write each article, commission the article, direct a peer-review process, and oversee the article through a rigorous editorial process to completion.

The thematic editor is an expert on a theme, and manages a suite of articles about that subject. Like with a regional editor, the thematic editor guides the production of an article from inception to completion.

Below are the ESDA assistant editors, the territory or themes that their articles cover, and their email addresses:


Nathaniel Walemba | East-Central Africa Division |

Daniel Heinz | Euro-Asia Division |

Felix Cortez | Inter-American Division (Spanish-speaking) |

Glenn Phillips | Inter-American Division (British, Dutch, and French Caribbean) |

Stefan Höschele | Inter-European Division |

Farid Khoury | Middle East and North Africa Union Mission |

Douglas Morgan (Editor) | North American Division |

Dennis Pettibone (Subeditor) | North American Division |

Samuel London (Subeditor) | North American Division |

Bruce Lo | Northern Asia-Pacific Division |

Passmore Hachalinga | Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division |

Adolfo Suarez | South American Division |

Barry Oliver | South Pacific Division |

Gordon Christo | Southern Asia Division |

Remwil Tornalejo | Southern Asia-Pacific Division |

Paul Lockham | Trans-European Division |

Onaolapo Ajibade | West-Central Division |


Ellen G. White Estate | Tim Poirier & Alberto Timm |

General Conference | TBA

Global Issues | Michael Campbell |

History of Theology | Frank Hasel | / Denis Kaiser |