Archives, Statistics, and Research

The Statistical Office was organized under H. E. Rogers in 1904. The General Conference Archives was organized in 1973; the two entities merged into the Office of Archives and Statistics in 1975. It became the Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research in 2011. (For more information, see our About page!)

Statistical Secretaries, Archivists, and Directors



H. E. Rogers1904-1941
Claude Conard1941-1950
E. J. Johanson1950-1952
H. W. Klaser1952-1962
E. Lee Becker1962-1965
Robert J. Radcliffe1965-1966
Jesse O. Gibson1966-1975
F. Donald Yost1973-1995
R. William Cash1995-1998
Bert Haloviak1998-2010
David Trim2010-