Featured on this page are lists of the individuals whom the General Conference requested to write papers for review by ordination and role of women commissions.  Each year and title is linked to the pages in which information about the commissions and the respective papers in their entirety are available.

1973 Mohaven Authors 1975-1976 BRI Authors 1988 Authors 1989 Cohutta Authors
E. Marcella Anderson
John G. Beach
Biblical Research Institute
Raoul Dederen
Madelynn Haldeman
Gerhard Hasel
Texie Henderson
Frank B. Holbrook
Hedwig Jemison
Roberta J. Moore
Leona Glidden Running
James L. Spangenberg
Betty Stirling
Maybelle S. Vandermark
Kit Watts
Arthur L. White
Miriam Wood
E. Marcella Anderson
Jerry A. Gladson
Raoul Dederen
Fritz Guy
Gerhard F. Hasel
Gordon M. Hyde (Introduction and Overview)
Frank B. Holbrook
Sakae Kubo
LaVonne Neff
Julia Neuffer
Walter F. Specht
Betty Stirling
Kenneth L. Vine

Joel Awoniyi
Samuele Bacchiocchi
Jack J. Blanco
John Brunt
James J.C. Cox
Eugene F. Durand
William Fagal
Arthur J. Ferch

Gerhard F. Hasel
C. Raymond Holmes
William G. Johnsson
Herbert Kiesler
Miroslav M. Kis
Richard Lehmann
C. Mervyn Maxwell
Aulikki Nahkola
Arthur Patrick
George E. Rice
Richard Rice
William Richardson
Delores Robinson
Bernard E. Seton

E.E. Cleveland
Rex D. Edwards
Carol Kilcher
R.H. Kvinge
G.T. Ng
V.N. Olson
Caleb Rosado