Division and Thematic Consultant Editors

The division consultant editor, a church leader appointed by each division, represents the ESDA throughout the division territory, to church administrators, Adventist institutions, and local churches. This editor also serves as a liaison between division leaders and the ESDA main office, and provides guidance to the regional editor for their division. In general, the consultant editor leads out in the promotion of the ESDA in the division.

The thematic consultant editor provides guidance to the thematic editor, and also operates in an intermediary and promotional role.


Division Consultant Editors

Alain Coralie | East-Central Africa Division

Viktor Alyekseenko | Euro-Asia Division

Myrna Costa | Inter-American Division

Barna Magyarosi | Inter-European Division

Tibor Szilvasi | Middle East-North Africa Division

Alex Bryant | North American Division

Yutaka Inada | Northern Asia-Pacific Division

Gideon Reyneke | Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

Bruno Raso | South American Division

Lionel Smith | South Pacific Division

Wilson Measapogu | Southern Asia Division

Rudy Baloyo | Southern Asia-Pacific Division

Audrey Andersson | Trans-European Division

Kingsley Anonaba | West-Central Division


Thematic Consultant Editor

Jim Nix | Ellen G. White Estate


Consultant Editor-at-Large

Ted N.C. Wilson