Donate funds to support Adventist Archives

Are you wanting to fund ongoing preservation of historic materials (including digitization) at the Adventist Archives? Click here!

Help us to conserve and to share the story--to pass it on to the next generation. Historic Adventist photographs and movies allow us to connect with our past in a way nothing else can, because we look into the eyes of those who sacrificed to make this Church. We want to digitize those precious resources, scanning them electronically so they can be accessed by everyone. We especially want to connect with young people. By digitizing photos and movies, we can help them to understand "the way the Lord has led us and His teaching in our past history"—we can help them to connect with our pioneers and be inspired to service.

Your gift of at least $25 could:

  • Digitize 100 feet of film = five minutes viewing time, or
  • Conserve, digitize, and publicize one historic Adventist photograph from our collection of thousands, or
  • Contribute to our continuing effort to preserve and digitize rare Adventist books, pamphlets, and magazines

To see how to make your gift, please visit this page. Thank you!