Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information about Seventh-day Adventists?

  1. The official website of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination (http://www.adventist.org/).
  2. The official news website of the Seventh-day Adventist church (http://news.adventist.org/).
  3. The online Adventist Directory features contact information, locations and directions for Seventh-day Adventist churches, schools, hospitals, conferences and other entities (http://www.adventistdirectory.org/).
  4. The Adventist Yearbook is a vast resource with information on SDA employees, entities and businesses (http://www.adventistyearbook.org/default.aspx?).
  5. The online archive contains over 1.5 million pages of downloadable manuscripts, minutes, books, reports and periodicals pertaining to the SDA church—this website serves as the archive for almost all the major periodicals in English (http://www.adventistarchives.org/DocArchives.asp).
  6. Adventist Statistics features a wealth of ready statistical information about the SDA denomination that can be viewed online or downloaded as Excel spreadsheets (http://www.adventiststatistics.org/).

Where can I find statistics on the Seventh-day Adventist denomination?

The latest statistics can be found in the Adventist Yearbook (http://www.adventistyearbook.org/default.aspx?), Annual Statistical Report (http://www.adventiststatistics.org/), and/or the ASTR Statistics page (http://www.adventiststatistics.org/).

How can I locate a current employee of the Seventh-day Adventist church?

All current employees can be found by performing a search the Adventist Yearbook (http://www.adventistyearbook.org/default.aspx?).

How can I obtain information on a dead Adventist relative?

To begin, go to the SDA Obituary Index (http://www.andrews.edu/library/car/sdapiobits.html) and perform a search for your person of interest. If an obit appears, go to the GC Archives site to access the periodical (http://www.adventistarchives.org/DocArchives.asp). The obit should provide the names of surviving family members. A general search can also be done for the name on the Archives site. If the individual you are looking for was in denominational employ, in the SDA Yearbook the name should yield hits for the respective years (http://www.adventistarchives.org/documents.asp?CatID=77&SortBy=2&ShowDateOrder=True).

How do I perform an exhaustive search on a person, place, or thing?

Search for your subject on the Archives website (http://www.adventistarchives.org/DocArchives.asp) by simply typing the word(s) into the bar that reads “Search All Categories” and click on the results. Also, performing a search of the SDA Periodical Index may be helpful (http://www.andrews.edu/library/car/sdapiindex.html). Most of the periodicals yielded in your search can be accessed on the Archives site.

I have a question about Ellen White.

The Ellen G. White Estate help email is mail@WhiteEstate.org.

Where can I find Adventist photos?

Photographs of the individuals you requested may be found on the ASTR image collection (http://images.adventistarchives.org/main.php); the White Estate photo collection (http://archives.llu.edu/cdm/landingpage/collection/wephotos); the Andrews University photo collection (http://www.andrews.edu/library/car/photosearch.html); the Loma Linda University Digital Archive (http://archives.llu.edu/cdm/); Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/); or Google images (http://www.google.com/imghp).

How can I do a history of my church or school?

First, perform a search in the SDA Periodical Index for your church or school (http://jewel.andrews.edu:82/search/X). If magazine articles are available, they can most likely be accessed on the Archives site (http://docs.adventistarchives.org/). If not, type the name of your organization in the Search All Categories bar on the Archives page. Although best to type in one word, more than one word should include quotation marks (e.g., “Brookside Church”). A more specific search can be performed by scanning the left hand column beneath Official Church Magazines and Periodicals for the conference or union magazine that your church or school is located in. Click on the periodical, then perform a search in that specific periodical. The division, union, or conference office may possess records on your church or school, and contact information for these entities can be found here (http://www.adventistdirectory.org/). Finally, interviewing senior church members or school employees is a valuable resource for conducting a church or school history.

How can my church, school, or administrative office start an archive or preserve materials?

See the Records Center page (http://www.adventistarchives.org/records-center#.UYBOssokSkM).

Can I donate books to the Archives' library?

Simply put, yes. However, the following gift policy will apply: "Materials donated to the library will be added to the collection on the basis of the same selection criteria outlined for purchased items. No restrictions will be placed on gifts. They will be integrated into the existing collection, and subject to the same weeding and retention policies as purchased items. Donated items not added to the collection will be sent to other entities, sold, donated, or otherwise disposed of at the discretion of the Librarian. The Rebok Memorial Library and Research Center (RMLRC) will not appraise the market value of gifts for tax or for other purposes. Gift books should be delivered to the library at the effort and expense of the donor(s). As a general rule, the RMLRC will not pay for shipping."

Contact the Archives at archives@gc.adventist.org to find out more.

I can’t find the answer to my research query online. How can I schedule a visit to the Archives?

The General Conference Archives welcomes denominational employees, scholars, teachers, students, journalists, professionals, and church members engaged in bona fide research projects. However, permission to the GC Archives is not automatic, and even once you are approved, because we are a working archive, it is necessary to arrange any visits in advance.

Send an email to archives@gc.adventist.org expressing your research interest and you will be sent several forms to fill out processing your request. Once these forms are completed, non-students are asked to send a letter from a conference, union or division employee stating his/her personal knowledge of you and your research. If a student, a letter from your professor describing your research project and why you need to use the GC Archives is required. Your request will then be processed and evaluated and we will contact you to schedule a visit.