Inter-American Division

The Inter-American Division (IAD) is comprised of Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and the five northernmost countries of South America. This division reports more than 3.5 million members, making the division the church’s most populous region.

Here are the names of the division presidents and their tenure in that role.



E. E. Andross 1922-1936
G. A. Roberts 1936-1941
Glenn Calkins 1941-1947
E. F. Hackman 1947-1950
Glenn Calkins 1951-1954
A. H. Roth 1954-1962
C. L. Powers 1962-1970
Bender L. Archbold 1970-1980
G. W. Brown 1980-1994
Israel Leito 1994- 2018
Elie Henry 2018-

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