Message's main website points out that it is "the oldest and most widely circulated spiritual journal rooted in the African American community." Originally called the Gospel Herald when founded by Edson White in 1898, the magazine became known as Message in 1934. A fuller history of this magazine can be found here, and digitized copies of older issues can be found here.

Editors, 1934- 



R. B. Thurber  1934-1936 
J. Schultz  1936-1942 
F. A. Coffin  1942-1943 
R. L. Odom  1943-1945 
Louis B. Reynolds  1945-1949 
J. E. Dykes  1959-1967 
G. J. Millet  1968-1970 
W. R. Robinson  1970-1978 
L. B. Reynolds  1978-1980 
J. P. Monk  1980-1985 
D. W. Baker  1985-1992 
S. P. Ruff  1992-1998 
R. C. Smith  1998-2007 
W. Johnson, II 2007-2011
Carmela Monk Crawford 2012