Seminar on Membership Loss, Nurture, Retention and Reclamation at Walla Walla University

Why did they leave? Why might they come back?
Insights into membership loss, retention, and reclamation

Sponsored by Walla Walla University Seventh-day Adventist Church
and the General Conference Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research

(April 1 and 2, 2016) 



Friday April 1

7.00–8.30 pm
Friday Forum: WWUC Fellowship Hall
David Trim: Leaving the Church: Facts, Figures and Research Data
Alex Bryan, coordinator: The Student Experience

Sabbath April 2

9.30–10.20 am
First Service: WWUC sanctuary:
David Trim: Seeking the Lost

10.30–11.30 am
Sabbath School: Canaday Technology Center
Galina Stele: Adventist Youth: Connected and Disconnected
Alex Bryan, coordinator: Finding a Church Family after Walla Walla: Recent Alumni Share Their Experiences

11.45 am–1.00 pm
Second Service: WWUC sanctuary:
David Trim: Seeking the Lost

3:00–5.00 pm
Afternoon Conversation: WWUC Heubach Chapel
David Trim: Stopping the Haemorrhage: Caring and Welcoming Church Communities
Alex Bryan, coordinator: Welcoming Churches
David Trim: Why Might They Return? Reconnecting with Former Adventists
Panel Discussion: David Trim, Galina Stele, and Alex Bryan

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