At its inception in 1874, the Signs of the Times was published in California, USA. The current Signs of the Times is a result of two previous magazines, Signs of the Times and These Times, merging in 1984, and is published monthly. Its main website is found here, and digitized copies of older issues of Signs of the Times and similar magazines can be found on the Periodicals page of this website.

Editors, 1874- 



James White  1874-1881 
J. H. Waggoner  1881-1886 
E. J. Waggoner  1886-1891 
M. C. Wilcox  1891-1913 
A. O. Tait  1913-1936 
A. S. Maxwell  1937-1970 
Lawrence Maxwell  1970-1984 
Kenneth J. Holland  1984-1991 
Greg Brothers  1991-1994 
Marvin Moore  1994-