Southern Asia Division

The Southern Asia Division (SUD) is comprised of four countries: Bhutan, India, the Maldives and Nepal. It has more than 4,000 churches in a population of about 1.2 billion.

Here are the names of the division presidents and their tenure in that role.



J. E. Fulton 1919-1921
W. W. Fletcher 1921-1923
A. W. Cormack 1923-1924
N. C. Wilson 1934-1941
G. G. Lowry 1941-1942
A. L. Ham 1942-1950
R. H. Pierson 1950-1954
O. O. Mattison 1954-1962
R. S. Lowry 1962-1980
G. J. Christo 1980-1990
M. E. Cherian 1990-1997
D. Ronald Watts 1997-2008
John Rathinaraj 2008-2015
Ezras Lakra 2015-

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