We are pleased to announce that the Records Center of the Southern Asia Division (SUD) has been accredited with unrestricted “Emerging” status. Roy Kline, an Assistant Director of ASTR, first surveyed their Records Center back in 2016 and made a number of recommendations to SUD officers that, if implemented, would have brought their record keeping up to accreditation standards of ASTR.

Through commitment, hard work, and with the unwavering support of their administration, the Southern Asia Division has successfully become the first Seventh-day Adventist Records Center in Asia to be accredited. It is their goal to continue working to upgrade both their Records Center and their Archives so that at some future date they will pass scrutiny for a higher level of accreditation.

ASTR applauds SUD’s achievement and looks forward to continuing to work closely with them to preserve their over one-hundred year history of Church growth and service.