The ESDA is directed by the General Conference Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research (ASTR), with Dr. David Trim, director of ASTR, as editor, and Dr. Dragoslava Santrac as managing editor. There are thirteen regional offices covering every global territory of the church, which are managed by assistant editors and division consultant editors. These regional articles consist of biographies, schools, hospitals, administrative units, ministries, the work in countries, publications, and more. Additionally, several assistant editors are responsible for suites of articles on global issues, the history of theology and ethics, events, and other themes. An editorial board and editorial committee, comprised of world church leaders, laypeople, academics, and scholars, guide the various aspects of the production of the Encyclopedia.

The ESDA has several vital partnerships with entities committed to making Adventist heritage resources freely available. Adventist Review Ministries will collaborate with the ESDA to create a crowd-sourced portal specializing in Adventist heritage, featuring contributions from members around the world in the form of pictures, videos, audio recordings, manuscripts, and memory statements. Adventist Digital Library, a clearinghouse for Adventist archives, heritage centers, and libraries, will provide a reservoir of sources that will enhance ESDA articles. Numerous Adventist colleges/universities are also official partners of the ESDA.