What Types of Records Should Be Transferred to A Records Center?

Answers to this question can be found in this section.

  1. Published Materials (produced or collected)
    1. books
    2. brochures/leaflets
    3. bulletins
    4. manuals
    5. periodicals
    6. promotional items
  2. Unpublished Materials (produced or collected)
    1. case or reference files
    2. correspondence
    3. dissertations and study papers
    4. financial records
    5. histories
    6. itinerary reports and other kinds of reports
    7. minutes
    8. planning records
    9. subject or topical files
    10. syllabi and related records
  3. Audio-Visual Materials (produced or collected)
    1. slides
    2. photographs
    3. tapes--cassette, reel to reel, etc.
    4. motion pictures
    5. filmstrips
    6. overhead projector transparencies
    7. phonograph records
    8. video cassettes
    9. laser disks
    10. CD's
  4. Data Processing Records
    1. floppy disks
    2. magnetic tapes
    3. CD's

This list is not meant to be all inclusive, but it will give you an idea of the types of records that should be preserved in the Records Center and Archives.