The Youth's Instructor was a paper intended for youths aged sixteen to thirty. The paper was published monthly until demand led to a weekly edition starting in 1879. In 1970, the magazine's duties transferred to Insight magazine, which is still published today.

Editors, 1852-1970



James White  1852-1853 
Anna White  1854 
James White  1855-1857 
G. W. Amadon  1858-1864 
Adelia P. Patten Van Horn  1864-1867 
G. W. Amadon  1867-1869 
G. H. Bell  1869-1871 
Jennie R. Trembley  1871-1873 
Jennie A. Merriam  1873-1875 
Minerva J. Chapman  1875-1879 
Mary K. White and V. A. Merriam  1879-1880 
V. A. Merriam  1880-1881 
Eva Bell Giles  1882-1883
Eva Bell Giles, Adolph B. Oyen, and Winnie E. Loughborough Kelsea  1883 
Minerva J. Chapman 1884-1889 
Winnie E. Loughborough Kelsea  1890-1891 
M. B. Duffie, P. T. Magan, J. O. Corliss, and Fannie Bolton 1891
N. W. Lawrence 1891-1894
J. H. Durland and M. E. Kellogg 1895-1896
J. H. Durland 1897
W. H. McKee and J. C. Bartholf 1897-1899
Adelaide Bee Cooper Evans 1899-1904
Fannie M. Dickerson Chase 1904-1922
Lora E. Clement 1923-1952
Walter T. Crandall 1952-1970